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KMS Counseling 

     Our counseling department works hard to promote a positive school climate and
provide students with academic, behavior, social, and personal support as needed
during their middle school years. While middle school is a time of transition for children,
we recognize the challenges that it can create. It is an honor to be able to guide
students through this process as they change and grow.

     We provide both individual and group counseling. We have a request form
students can fill out to meet with us as needed. We also appreciate parent and staff
referrals to help us reach out to students who could use some additional support. So
please feel free to reach out to the school directly or contact counselors directly. We run
a grief group to provide students who have experienced recent loss a safe place to
process the details of their experience. If your child has recently experienced a loss
please let us know, we would love to get them registered for Grief group.

     Another way we support students is by serving on one of the Intervention Teams
which meets monthly to identify students who have poor attendance and/or could use
some additional academic and behavioral support. We work with the teams to develop
appropriate supports and determine the process of implementation.

     We also work on the Advisory Team to produce weekly lessons for Advisory
Class. This involves finding creative ways to instill positive character traits, teach
expectations, and keep our students informed and actively involved in middle school.
Another way that we work to create a positive building is by getting involved in
their classrooms. This year, we will be implementing guided classroom lessons for
various topics inside the classrooms. This will give us a chance to work on a larger
scale with more students on topics that cultivate a positive culture in our school

     We are excited to work with you and your student to make the most of their
middle school experience. It is important to us that everyone has a positive experience
so please let us know how we can help.